Addams Family Pinball

Addams Family Pinball

  • $9,875.00

This 1992 Genuine Williams 4-Player Pinball is among the top collectible pinballs ever made, and its value does nothing but continue to appreciate. So whether for fun or finances, this is a great pinball to own!

This particular pinball has never been in a bar or placed on route. It was found in the original owner’s private arcade, and its condition is so great that any pinball collector would certainly be proud.

Players will be mesmerized by an array of such phenomenal attractions as an electric chair, revolving bookcase, treasure vault, swamp, graveyard, train wrecks, Cousin It and an appearance by Thing himself who ably lends a hand to all the fun. But there's still more with a mansionful of amazing awards that includes the Mamushka, Seance, Fester's Tunnel Hunt, Raise the Dead and the ultimate POWER of THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

Two or three-ball Multi-ball play, Jackpots and Super Jackpots, Million Plus scoring, multiple flippers, skill shots, ramps and five thumper bumpers make THE ADDAMS FAMILY a unique pinball experience.

This game as well as all of our equipment is in 100% working order and really is a lot fun! And remember, pinball games like this continue to appreciate every year!