Big Guns Pinball

Big Guns Pinball

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1987 Williams Pinball in really good condition!

The player has to rescue a queen from king tyrant and his warlords. The game takes place in space. A description on the machine reads:

"Here, in the deepest of space, inside this fortress, our noble Queen is held captive, kidnapped by King Tyrant and his warlords.

"So, once again, in the eternal struggle of good against evil, we, the brave and the free, must launch the greatest invasion in the known history of the universe, to fight and crush our enemies-for the future of our federation,-and our fair lady's honor-rides on these big guns."

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AND Big Guns is not just a lot of Fun, but fun while it keeps increasing in value while you enjoy the game. If you ever decide to sell it , you will turn a handsome profit.

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