Boeing 767 from Delta Airlines


  • $2,795.00

Galaga Naamco 1981.

This game is in an Original Dedicated cabinet, which allows it to do nothing but keep appreciating in value. Can you believe it is not only FUN, but a GREAT INVESTMENT. Even the monitor Glass Bezel has its original Screen Art, not a paper reproduction.

As a spaceship moving left to right at the bottom of the screen, shoot up at enemies as they enter, assemble in formation and fly down at you. If you allowed an alien to capture one of your ships in its tractor beam, you could shoot the foe later and double your fire power! It is the sequel to Galaxian, released in 1979. The gameplay of Galaga puts the player in control of a space ship which is situated on the bottom of the screen. At the beginning of each stage, the area is empty, but over time, enemy aliens fly in formation, and once all of the enemies arrive on screen, they will come down at the player's ship in formations of one or more and may either shoot it or collide with it. During the entire stage, the player may fire upon the enemies, and once all enemies are vanquished, the player moves onto the next stage.