World Cup Soccer Pinball

World Cup Soccer Pinball

  • $6,895.00
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This is a genuine Midway 1994 Pinball release.

Game features a fully interactive Dot Matrix Display and Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Ramps (2), Rollunder spinner (1), Kickback. Magna-Save located on playfield above the left flipper is activated by extra button on left side of cabinet. Magna-Lock located on middle-left playfield magnetically holds balls for multiball play. A goalie target moves from side to side at top-left playfield. Toys include a large, hemispherical soccer ball at upper-right playfield spins in both directions to alter the path of a ball striking it.

AND WORLD CUP SOCCER is not just a lot of Fun, but fun while it keeps increasing in value and you enjoy the game. If you ever decide to sell it , you will probably turn a handsome profit.

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